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Collaboration today: not in context, not In Situ

  What is meant by collaboration in context in the prior post?  Why is it important?  Let's look first at what is a typical situation today:  Day to day business activities occur across a myriad of systems and communication channels, some of those allow for collaboration among a subset of those executingon those business activities, however they still result in isolation, friction and dispersion… there is a lack of visibility for why decisions were made, what were the discussions that led to an specific outcome, what was the context of it all. Let's illustrate the problems this generates with an example:  Using a simple scenario: Recruiting - Hiring - Onboarding a new employee. For the purposes of this post let's assume we can break it into the following phases - steps:  Defining the characteristics of the ideal candidate - experience, education, location, industry expertise, etc.  Identifying potential candidates, evaluating these candidates in phases, e.g. screening by th